About Us

Connect Digital Group is a partnership between 2 digital media experts, James and Rob, who have 25 years of experience between them at media owners, publishers, networks and Next Generation propositions. Yes that’s right, they are self proclaimed Mad Men who have evolved, innovated and embraced and worked within the big data led, programmatic evolution.

The Math Men are now prevailing and Connect is at the forefront of these disruptive companies and emerging technologies, helping them strategize and grow. Fundamentally of course the goal has remained the same, an advertiser, with or without the help of an agency, wants to ensure they reach the most profitable consumer, with lifetime value, at the most cost effective rate. But as the digital goal posts and science has moved, Connect has most definitely moved with them.

Thus James initially established Connect Digital and Rob joined him to meet the new demands of the sector, providing the highest quality candidates to the fastest growing propositions that they would love to work for themselves. And that is key, our passion.

We keep things simple too though. No old school recruiter BS at Connect. We promise and deliver and we keep service levels high.

We use our senior level experience to power our business. Because our business is your business and your business has been our business too..

So please Connect.